Knitwear Wash Guide

Martin Turner
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Washing knitwear always seems daunting however, it couldn’t be simpler. Washing knitted garments is easy and if you care for your knitwear properly it can last a lifetime. We want to help you so here is our easy to follow knitwear washing guide.

Firstly, does your knitwear need washed? Wool is naturally stain resistant, odour resistant and crease resistant. Your knitwear really shouldn’t need much washing in its lifetime if however, if you feel that its needing some TLC here is our easy-care guide.

Knitwear Wash

Washing your knitwear is simple, fill a sink with cold or lukewarm water with a small amount of wool wash and submerge your garment. We recommend using a quality wool wash as its strong enough to clean the wool but won’t be too strong that it will damage it. Knitwear doesn’t like friction so avoid any scrubbing action, instead gently swirl the garment and press it down in the water. This should loosen any dirt caught in the garment.

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Drain the sink and gently squeeze out excess water from the garment, avoid ringing it out as this will stretch and distort the garment. Rinse with cold water and continue to gently squeeze out water until no soap bubbles appear.


Lay the garment on a towel on a flat surface and roll the towel and jumper together and squeeze, this will take out the bulk of the moisture. Depending on the size of the jumper you might have to do this more than once.  Now you can smooth the garment back into shape and leave on a flat surface to dry out fully. Try not to leave in direct sunlight or next to a heat source.

Once its dry you can fold it up and its ready to be stored. Next store in a cool dry place, hanging wool tends to alter the shape of the garment so try folding it and placing it in a drawer or on a shelf.


Tips To Remember

Washing machines

We don’t recommend putting our knitwear in a washing machine but if you do then we suggest you use a gentle wool cycle as to not damage the fibres. 

Dry it flat

Hanging your knitted garments will lead to stretching and miss-shaping. When drying its best to lay out on a flat surface. This will ensure that it keeps its shape. 


Heat can damage your much loved knitwear. Luke warm water or cold water will do the trick for removing stubborn stains. 

air your knitwear

If  your knitwear is beginning to smell. Instead of washing it try hanging it in an airy environment and the smell will vanish. 

If you would like some more help with the care of your knitwear then please feel free to contact us on our social media channels FacebookInstagram or Twitter of give us a phone, we are always happy to help.