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Our Story

We are a small knitwear factoy based in the Shetland Isles

In the small village of Hoswick we run our whole operation from sourcing local yarns to finished product. Every garment is designed and made by us.

ShetlandWoollen Company has a rich history which dates back to 1924, when the original company L.J. Smith began trading in woven and knitted goods.

Shetland Woollen Company has been knitted here since the 1950s.  

Now we are one of a few remaining knitwear factories in Shetland.

We have been employee owned since 2019

Becoming employee owned was important to us as it ensured our jobs were safe and the company would continue being a true Shetland brand.

We are passionate about our knitwear and what we do and we want to continue doing what we love for years to come.

We only use natural wool to knit our products.

We source our wool from as close as 40 miles up the road on mainland Shetland to as far as northern England.

We aim to use mainly Shetland and Scottish suppliers to keep it as local as possible.

Our factory in Hoswick is where we are based

We knit seamless and seamed garments and accessories using computerised knitting machines.

Everything we make is made to size so we don't cut anything out. This is important to us as it means there is no wasted fabric.

Our seamless garments are made using modern technology so the jumper is knitted in one piece on the machines.

Handwork is still an extremely important part of our process. One garment can pass through up to 12 people's hands before it is finished and ready.

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