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Authentic Shetland Knitwear Made in Shetland

shetland knitwear

Designed and made by us.

We design and make everything here in Shetland. We are the designers and the manufacturers.
We have been an employee owned company since 2019 and have a rich history dating back to 1924.
We only use 100% natural wool to knit our products.
We knit small runs as and when we need them, we don't hold a big stock.
We are a small skilled team and we do everything from design to knitting through to finished product.
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Knitwear is embeded in our culture

Shetland has a rich history in knitwear. It is embeded in our culture here. Everyone knows someone who knits or has knitted in the past. Knitting used to be a source of income to nearly every household in Shetland, with every member of the family having a part to play. There used to be knitwear factories throughout Shetland, sadly now we are one of only two factories left on Shetland producing authentic Shetland knitwear.

We want to continue with our company keeping old traditions alive but blending them with modern techniques and technology to reduce our impact on the environment and support our community.

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Locally Made

We make all our knitwear here in Shetland. Our small skilled team do everything from design through to finished product.

We only use natural pure wool sourced from either Jamiesons of Shetland 40 miles up the road or from spinning mills in mainland Scotland.

We make knitwear that transcends fashion trends that can be worn for years to come and passed down through generations.

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