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Up Helly Aa Scarf

Color: Navy
Dark Blue
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This scarf was created as a bit of fun on the theme of our fire festivals that take place here in Shetland. 

Knitted so the design is on both sides with reversed colours. 

Multiple fire festivals called Up Helly Aa's take place In the winter months after Christmas from January through to March in communities throughout Shetland.  They are run by volunteers and take a lot of planning and organisation.

Included in the design is the viking galley, helmets, axes and shields with the flames as the highlight colour to represent the galley burning at the end of the procession. 

Designed, knitted and finished by us

Made with 100% supersoft wool from mainland Scotland

Size: 17cm wide x 120 long

Find out more about our local Up Helly Aa and the history of it here:

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